This page includes the most common questions regarding Castor. For more details please find Castor supporting information in PROMOTE-ALI Ongoing projects tab or contact us at

Castor – link to enter the project


* Where do I enter Castor with my username and password?


Castor electornic CRF


* Where can I find electoronic CRF for PROMOTE-ALI project?




Castor – data collection

Please follow the links below to find a detalied guide and video on how to do so

* Can I store patient’s hospital number directly on Castor?


All data inserted in Castor should be anonymous. Please do not include any data that may identify a patients in database.


Castor Login/Password questions


* I did not receive Castor login/password?


First, please check if you have already been contacted by a regional/local lead or they included your details


Than please check the spam folder – the subject in the email is: „You were invited to join ‘PROMOTE-ALI’ on Castor EDC“ comes from the Castor Electronic Data Capture system