The EVRC with its committees and working groups provides a forum for all researchers who are interested in scientific research projects concerning or linked to vascular surgery. Researchers from all fields of medicine should be able to join EVRC with special focus on “young” vascular researchers.

EVRC enables interested volunteers to play an active role in shaping current and future EVRC initiatives and thereby helping advance vascular surgery research in Europe and beyond. It empowers young vascular researchers to participate in high quality academic projects, forming links with supervising junior doctors and consultants.

Our aims:


* To form an international network of young vascular specialists who are interested in vascular research


* To promote vascular research in Europe and beyond


* To develop joint research projects, forming dedicated research teams as well as collecting and combining multicenter databases


* To form partnerships with existing collaboratives as well as national and international vascular societies.


* To identify research priorities and research goals or multinational research projects